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Skateboarding: Energy, Creativity & Culture

      Curated by Bruce Soffer

Artists are as follows- Quim Cardona, Jose Collantes, Jon Mecca, Diego Suarez,

 Will Violick Live Painting Session- by  Diego Suarez DJ's- DJ Melania & DJ TimoySkateboard  collection of Daniel Starink of Hudson Skate

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Show run from Jan28-Feb 25

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Endangered >>Extinct
(Ala Hate*)

Photographs by Matt Potenski and Daniel Winstead

Curated by Bruce Soffer
Exhibition Opening April 22, 2023, 6-9PM

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Photography by

Lourenso Ramautar

Nov-1 to Dec-20

Screen Shot 2023-03-01 at 11.16.14 PM.png
“Future Worlds, Imagined Environments: Arting the Cosmos”

March 11 to March 30

Jun 10th @ 6pm

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