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Call for artist 

“Future Worlds, Imagined Environments: Arting the Cosmos”
CALL FOR ART- Art (all media) for March 11, 2023 - Exhibition

Submission Deadline March 3, 2023


The speed of communication, invention and innovation has hastened the pace of
our lives transforming the present into the future more rapidly than ever, even
influencing art making. The worlds’ relationship to the Cosmos has long been
important to scientists and now is more relevant to many of earths’ dwellers for
their spirituality, inspiration and an unlimited terrain for artists to explore. Art
now reveals the dance of a shift towards the most Contemporary Art becoming
the Art of the Future. I am requesting that artists consider this in the submission
of their work to

Gallery201 at

Bruce Soffer Gallery 201
Curator in Residence 201-949-3725

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